LASER and COBLATION surgeries are the latest surgical technique in the field of ENT. Our institute is equipped in performing a number of ENT surgeries using LASER and COBLATION. These techniques are widely used in surgeries for Snoring, AdenoTonsillectomy etc.

Radio frequency technology in the ENT surgery :

Bipolar high frequency technology has been used in ENT medicine for many years to ensure that blood vessels are closed – during surgeries as well as in the ENT outpatients’ clinic. Developments of new device features - in particular increased electric field frequency - provide new opportunities for treatment in the areas of throat, nose, pharynx and ear as a result of the precise cutting function. The electrodes are individually primed for the application and facilitate the handling of the radiofrequency surgical device with minimal tissue stress. Apart from the precise cutting function, radio frequency technology also provides new applications in the area of coagulation: special bipolar electrodes are used to reduce the volume of the nasal concha (inferior turbinoplasty) and to stiffen the soft palate.