Making World Class Treatment Affordable.

Nova ENT Hospital & Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Centre was established in 1996, and it has emerged as a premier centre for specialized ENT care. The excellent infrastructure includes the latest equipment manned by highly qualified medical professionals. The prime objective of NOVA is to keep abreast of the advances made in the field of ENT and hitherto unavailable treatment methods in the country. More importantly, Nova strives to introduce research-oriented diagnostic and therapeutic ENT practices in India, and makes treatment affordable and available to the masses.

Excellent Location - Easy To reach

Nova ENT Hospital is located in the heart of the city at 6-3-652-2,Nova ENT Complex,Near Erramanjil Metro Station,Somajiguda,Hyderabad-82. The location is advantageous for patients in the twin cities as well as for patients coming from rural districts. Nova ENT Hospital has many corporate offices and public limited companies located all around.

Resource Personnel

The hospital has reputed consultants with experience in various sub specialties in the field of ENT & Head and Neck Surgery. At Nova, all aspects of ENT care and treatment are available under one roof. The attention by consultants and staff is personalized and patients benefit from the wealth of experience which the consulting physicians have to their credit. Quick and safe recovery and high patient satisfaction are singular attributes of Nova.

Nova ENT at a glance:

.Integrated facilities and Novel approaches

.Research oriented diagnostic and therapeutic practices

.Minimally invasive ENT Endoscopy techniques

.Special clinics for specific ENT problems

Advanced Surgical Methods:

.Quarternary ENT cure for complex conditions

.Advanced Otology(Ear),Rhinology(Nose),Skull base Surgery, Phonosurgery & Head and Neck Surgery

.Conventional surgeries with advanced methods

.Endoscopic and microscopic techniques

.Microdebrider, Radiofrequency & Coblator technologies

.LASER ENT Surgeries.